Lets Talk About What Hate Really Is

Lets talk about what hate really is.

Three of the current issues flooding everyone's newsfeed are the Starbucks' cups, LDS Church Policy, and the attacks on Paris.

The cup issue is a waste of time.

The majority of every group of people could care less about a cup. Not hate—just a stupid cup.

LDS Church Policy regarding same-sex couples and children.

These are the standards of a religious institution for its members to uphold. It only applies to people who want to be members of the LDS church.

Like any organization or institution, there are requirements that must be met to be a part of it.

  • The NBA won't accept high-school athletes.
  • The NRA doesn't include SuperSoaker enthusiasts.
  • A University would certainly never accept a high-school drop-out for enrollment or any other student that falls below the standards for acceptance.

Do any of these institutions hate the people they exclude?


Not hate, only standards for membership.

The attacks on Paris are hate!

When a loathsome group of people premeditates on how to best harm or kill innocent people and then carries out their wretched plans of extreme hostility, this is the very definition of hate.

Of course, this group believes they are justified by their atrocities, stating that it's retaliation for the French bombing of Syria, which was right to do so.

It is the responsibility of the good in this world to fight against the evil and the wicked. When a group devotes their lives, their children's lives, and their every thought to causing violence, terror, and destruction, that is evil.

Here is hate in its purest form.

Let's all take perspective on this and not waste our thoughts, time, and energy being offended by something that is not offensive.

Disagreement is not hate.

We all have our own perspectives on life. BUT when that disagreement leads to attacks, violence, and exclusion from not any one specific institution, but from all ways of life— that is hate.

Cups = stupid
LDS Church Policy = membership standards
Paris Attacks = hate

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