The Source

cupThe source of the blood used in my work is my own. A phlebotomist will draw my blood, no more than 450 ml (≈ 2 cups), within a month’s time. During the colder months of the year when it becomes more difficult to paint, mainly because of the resin drying times, I take the opportunity to donate to organization such as the American Red Cross.

Although many curious people have asked, I don’t keep track of how much blood goes into each individual painting. However, I have documented the total amount of blood I've had drawn for my collective body of Bloodworks. From when I first began in 2008 up to March 2013 I've used 6200 ml (≈ 1.64 Gallons) of my own blood. The average adult male body contains 4-5 liters of blood (≈ 1 Gallon). Which means I've gone through an entire body and a half of my own blood over the past five years. It gives a very different meaning to the term "Body of Work".

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