Special Illustrated Collector’s Edition

Leeching the Sirens: Special Illustrated Collector's Edition

This is the edition many have been waiting for— myself included. With images of every sirens painting, placed in their corresponding moments within the story, it brings a greater sense of depth into the whole narrative. Each painting is captured at its earliest conception— with the blood still holding its red presence. Events in the story that caused damage or distress to the paintings are depicted before and after each instance.

This edition will only be available in a physical hardback format. Bound in a 7.5"x 9.25" gloss case laminate hardback and color printed on white 70 lb paper.

LTS-SICE-cover copy

The cover is something special

I put extra time into designing the cover for the Illustrated Edition. The brown paper edges with the occasional staple is the exact process I used for creating each painting. I'd use watercolor papers with 100% cotton fiber content for my paintings. The are acid-free, pH-neutral, gelatin-sized, and air-dried sheets provided the perfect surface. I stretched each sheet on particle-board panels with the very same brown tape and staples that adorn the Special Edition cover. Looking at the cover I see the paintings I gazed into for months as I created this series.

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>> Leeching the Sirens: Special Illustrated Collector's Edition <<

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The original paintings are currently on display in "The Five Sirens" exhibition at the UAF Gallery in Salt Lake City. Paintings that have sold are still on display and remain for the duration of the exhibition— November 13th.

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