Leeching the Sirens by T. M. Prince

Leeching The Sirens Début  

Publishing a novel to add depth to a series of paintings or creating a body of artwork to add depth to an original novel? 

A masked artist paints a portrait using his model's own blood. Finishing his work means ending her life. Can they find redemption for what they have done to each other? 

Jessica Shawsen tells her parents she is going to Denver to spend the weekend with an old friend, Shannon. When Jessica's parents receive a message saying Jessica has run away with a man, they contact Shannon... only to find Jessica has vanished without a trace.

The life she knew is turned upside-down when she becomes his latest muse; his siren. She has been abducted and is now imprisoned in the studio of a masked artist, who is taking her blood, which he uses to paint Jessica's portrait, over and over.

She knows the only way to escape is to stop him - but at what cost?

Pintrest LTS début

The long road that I’ve traveled to accomplish this endeavor has certainly given me a greater perspective of what it takes to get anywhere in the creative professions. During the winter months, I took to writing a short story to add further narrative to my paintings.

  • I envisioned my opposite, an alter ego, and what form of blood art would come of it.
  • The short story Dark Artist grew and grew until it became a complete novel.
  • The ten paintings I had planned grew into thirty paintings.

This project also presented me with the opportunity to develop a new technique. The learning and refinement that the antagonist of the story goes through is shared in my own progress with the new materials.

I began this venture over three years ago and now I’m finally able to announce that my book Leeching the Sirens has been published!

In addition to writing the novel and painting the artwork, I was also able to flex my under-used graphic design and interior layout muscles. If you can do something yourself then do it.  Most of the time it will be 75-100% cheaper than paying someone else to do it. Plus there’s that extra satisfaction in knowing that I made the entire book (except printing and binding of course).

>> Get Your Copy Of Leeching The Sirens Today! <<

Available formats include paperback, hardback, and Kindle App.

I’ve always had a fondness for hardback books myself; something about the physical presence of a tangible object, opening a virgin book and turning ever page for the first time creates such an intimate connection with it. 

In the days to come there will be exciting announcements regarding my début novel and the next stages of its growth, so keep an eye out for what’s coming!

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