Trevin Prince has alway been a diligent and unique artist. His work has always been elegant and awe-inspiring. Trevin's work is not only very detailed, but time intensive. He puts a lot of thought and personality into his work. I recommend Trevin as an artist based on both his beautiful work and wonderful personality.

Sierra Dickey, Phillips Gallery | Artist | Fine Art Volunteer

Trevin is a very creative person, utilizing the technical skills necessary to complete wonderful works of art. He has demonstrated this ability time and time again. He is not afraid to spend long hours to finish a painting or a drawing, and shows a lot of self-discipline. He would do well in a college setting, with art as his major.

Trevin is well like by his peers and teachers, has a GPA of 3.2, received the score of 21 on the ACT, and has worked in the community as a volunteer for the American Red Cross. I can highly recommend Trevin for consideration for an Art Scholarship at your University.

Judy W. Smith, Art Teacher | AP Art Advisor

I have had the privilege to work with Trevin as his Ceramics, Stagecraft, and Drawing teacher. In working with Trevin, I have observed his talents, insight and dedication.

Trevin is a well-rounded and extremely talented artist. Trevin has a good sense of design both two and three-dimensionally. His work has a unique style personal to Trevin. This quality is one not often seen in High School students.

Not only is Trevin a fine artist, but he is also a dedicated student. Trevin's school participation and attendance have been outstanding. Trevin always pushes all assignments a step further by putting extra time and effort into all he does.

Trevin will do amazing things in whatever he puts his mind to. I give Trevin my highest recommendation.

Mandi Sigg, Art Teacher

Trevin Prince was a student of mine during 2009/2010 at Utah State University during which time Trevin was enrolled in my Figure Drawing and Figure Painting classes. I know Trevin as a diligent worker and quick learner upon whom I could depend to set an example for the rest of the class.

Trevin excelled as an art major, as well as in the rest of his courses, recognizing the value of education in creating a well-rounded and informed individual. The USU Art Department emphasizes creative thinking, and Trevin consistently demonstrated the ability to re-imagine problems, to find original solutions, and to challenge himself, and others, toward academic and creative growth.

Since compeleting his degree Trevin has transitioned smoothly from practicing art in an academic context, to practicing art as a profession. He is establishing a strong exhibition record at galleries in California, New York, and Utah. He continues to challenge himself to create new and more resonant work.

Scott Foster, Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Siena College