The Excluded Ten

For the gallery space to remain in accordance with community standards, these ten of my paintings deemed too explicit for display, sadly, will not be included in the exhibition. In place of the missing ten I will display a few of my remaining plexiglas paintings that I have on hand. I've found the plexiglas paintings sell better in person since they are heavier than most paintings, the shipping costs can be a bit discouraging, but from the gallery you take it with you after the exhibition ends.

Ten excluded paintings | The Five Sirens

At first I was surprise at how many paintings would be left out and this threw off my plans for a bit. But then I realized the opportunity this has made. With any gallery space there is a commission that goes to the gallery from the sell of each artwork; it's part of the business.

No Phallus | No Chalice

Now, all ten of these paintings play an important role in Leeching the Sirens. They represent key moments in the story of critical importance. Every spattered blood mark is a result of the masked artist's outbursts and every accident in the story. I want to make sure they go to an admirer of both the novel and the art.

So now I've come up with the perfect solution to this dilemma. These ten paintings, even though they won't be on display, are still for sale— minus the amount the gallery commission would have deducted were they hanging in the gallery.

What that means is these ten paintings are available at 25% less.

I have already received an inquiry for LTS - JS02. Feel free to contact me about any of these ten.

I will have them with me during the opening reception on Oct. 16th from 6pm—9pm for pick-up, because, really, shipping and handling is a pain and that would be an unnecessary expense.

Plus, since they aren't on display you don't have to wait until the end of the exhibition to take your new painting home— it can go home with you the same evening as the reception.

I'm still very excited for this exhibition and I look forward to seeing so many friends, fans, and newcomers. Four more days!

*  *  *

The exhibition and offer for the ten paintings have ended.

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