Post Exhibition Discount

Remaining paintings are available at a 25% discount from the exhibition price!

The Five Sirens exhibition was great! Big thanks to the UAF Gallery for hosting my solo exhibition! Thank you to everyone that showed their support in one way or another!  Friday was the last day of the show and the remaining paintings are now back in my studio.

As I reflected on the overall scope of the show, I got to thinking:  many of you were interested in several paintings, but the price was just a little over budget.

So I've decided, for the rest of November, to offer the remaining paintings from The Five Sirens exhibition at a 25% discount. As with the Excluded Ten, this discount would have been the gallery's commission and will still end up being the same amount for myself that I would have made, had it sold during the exhibition.

Plus, since shipping and handling of artwork is so overly complicated, I'll instead be available for meet ups in the Salt Lake and Davis county areas for anyone who purchases a painting.


* * *


Thanks to everyone who purchased paintings during the post exhibition discount!

*  *  *

Thanks again to everyone who has and who will purchase my work. It's because of you that I am able to continue creating my artwork. Of course there's always bills.

But when I see a painting sell, my immediate thought is, "Awesome! Now I can make more paintings!" So again, thank you for your support!


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