Monthly Archives: March 2013

Biochemical Alchemy

It's interesting how many people have told me that when they think of my application process they envision a single cup of whole blood and a paint brush. If only it were that simple. Blood alone can only do so much as a painting material. Like any form of pigment out there it requires something…
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The Source

The source of the blood used in my work is my own. A phlebotomist will draw my blood, no more than 450 ml (≈ 2 cups), within a month’s time. During the colder months of the year when it becomes more difficult to paint, mainly because of the resin drying times, I take the opportunity…
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Why Blood?

What drives an artist to paint with their own blood? For me it has been my interest in biology, anatomy, and figure painting. Before I'd set my mind to become an artist I had considered being a doctor. The human body has always fascinated me biologically as well as aesthetically. As a child, for every…
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